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Business hours:
・Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu 9:00~21:00
・Fri 9:00~18:00
・Sun 9:00~14:00(2nd & 4th week)
Sat and Holidays are closed.


Service menu introduction

We make a body mechanism, comfortable your daily life

Total conditioning

Physical conditioning centering on pain relief and function improvement

Improve functions with various techniques, exercises and practical performance guidance for purpose of alleviating pain, improving posture, and performance.

In addition, conditioning according to the medical and activity level unique to physiotherapists who can respond to recovery training after surgery, injury, illness will also be done.

It is personal condition which judges your cause of pain and physical characteristics, conducts convincing explanation and conversation.

Sports conditioning

Conditioning aiming to improve performance by doing the best care, training, posture check, form optimization(improvement) for the current situation.

Comprehensively check the characteristics of pain, posture, function and performance, and discuss the needs and targets of the individual.

After that, doing the best care, training, posture check, form optimization(improvement) for the current situation, and to improve performance step by step.

Conditioning for Women

Conditioning for Women to respond to women’s lifestyle troubles

By exercising, we will make feminine functional and well-balanced body, and especially care for symptoms common to women.

It leads to favorable with acupuncture and moxibustion massage and manual technique against pain and physical condition fluctuation.

We also provide advice on relaxation of tension and bedding so that we can better rest and sleep.

Shoku-conditioning (Meal conditioning)

Shoku-conditioning(Meal conditioning) trainer advise meal according to physical condition and purpose

Not only for young and old, men and women, diet, leading to condition according to purpose.

We propose everyone’s conditioning from the foundation of the body and meals so that everyday is the most enjoyable and energy full of so far and can continue.

Comfortable insole

Improve and make insole to adjust body balance from foot to fit the conditioning of the body

Insole, stabilize the foot foundation by adjusting the bone alignment of the foot.

It is possible to reduce the burden on the troubles such as the neck, shoulder, waist, knee, etc. and the painful part as well as foot troubles.

In addition, it is possible to acquire a beautiful posture and walking way and improve competition body performance.

After surgery care conditioning

We support to recover the body after surgery, including lungs, stomach, breast cancer, uterus and ovaries.

Are there such anxiety after surgical operations such as lung, stomach, breast cancer, uterus and ovary? “The wounding has stooped but the pain continues”,“Afraid to move”, “Want to return strength but do not know how much can exercise”

Physiotherapist help you recover your body at our facility.

Acupuncture and moxibustion, massage

Acupuncturist responds to changes in physical condition with acupuncture and moxibustion and massage

It maximizes the natural healing power the body has inherently and increases healing and beauty effect.

Beauty acupuncture

Effect of health and beauty by acupuncture

It is an effective way to approach from both health and beauty by experienced acupuncture.